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10 Best Feminine Hygiene Products for Odor

Is there a worse feeling than noticing how bad you smell? It can be uncomfortable to have a strong odor, which is why maintaining good feminine hygiene is important.


The good news is that anyone can maintain a pleasant smell all day.


You don’t have to rely on perfume or other fragrances to give you that great scent, even though they will. There are other reliable options for every woman.


Here we have compiled the best and safe feminine hygiene products for odor.



Table of Contents

1: Summer’s Eve Fragrance-Free Gentle Daily All Over Feminine Body Wash, Removes Odor, pH balanced, 15 fl oz


The Summer’s Eve Fragrance-Free Daily Gentle Feminine Wash eliminates microorganisms that cause odors. Clinically tested for sensitive skin, the micellar water formula produces a softly cleansing intimate care and feminine body wash. It has been reviewed by gynecologists and is dye- and paraben-free. It is specially developed and pH-balanced to fit the natural chemistry of your body and is designed for your most private areas.


Founder: Charles Browne Fleet

Brand: Summer’s Eve

Summer’s Eve established the feminine care industry by placing a focus on women, catering to their needs, and dedicating itself to completely understanding how women take care of their bodies. The brand was introduced in 1972 by C.B. Fleet Company Inc.



2: Vagisil Feminine Dry Wash Deodorant Spray for Women, Gynecologist Tested, On The Go Hygiene, 2 Scent Bundle – Peach Blossom, Odor Block (2.6 oz Each)

Vagisil-sensitive Scents Dry Wash leaves you feeling clean and refreshed all day. It has a hypoallergenic, skin-friendly smell and has been gynecological and cynically tested. It prevents odor from building up and can provide up to 24-hour odor prevention.


Founder: Ivan and Mary Elizabeth

Brand: Vagisil

Vagisil’s intimate wash line is intended particularly for the labia and contains no additives that would disrupt the vagina’s normal pH balance. From treatments to personal care items, they are continually innovating to fulfill women’s intimate personal care demands.



3: Rael Feminine Wash, Foaming Cleansing Wash – pH Balance Intimate Wash Women, Unscented, Sensitive Skin, All Skin Types, Vegan, Cruelty-Free (5oz, 2 Pack)


With 98.22% naturally-sourced components derived from coconut, basil, and sugarcane, the Rael Feminine Wash, Foaming Cleansing Wash provides the highest degree of cleaning. It gently washes and refreshes intimate areas while keeping pH levels stable to reduce odor and irritation. It contains no BPA, parabens, phthalates, artificial scents, colors, alcohol, or substances produced by animals. It is designed for sensitive skin and is suitable for all skin types.


Founder: Yanghee Paik and Co.

Brand: Rael

Rael inspires people to make healthier choices for their bodies by making safe and high-performance personal care products available globally.


Rael’s products are thoughtfully formulated with natural ingredients and made using cutting-edge South Korean manufacturing technology to bring the newest advancements in feminine and skin care, delivering a 360° comprehensive option for the modern woman.



4: Kushae Natural Feminine Deodorant Spray, Feminine Spray for Odor and Dryness Control, Feminine Spray for Women with Sensitive Skin, Refreshing Feminine Deodorant for Daily Use, 4 oz


Using Kushae Natural Feminine Deodorant Spray, you will have clean lady parts with no vaginal odor. This vaginal spray keeps you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout the day. It makes you feel new and assured in the quality that comes from a verified facility for feminine goods for women. This vagina deodorant contains no parabens, minerals, or phthalates and is free of talc, aluminum, and smell. It helps to preserve the intimate area’s natural pH balance and promotes vulvar health.


Founder: Dr. Barb and Kimba

Brand: Kushae

Kushae feminine products are expertly formulated and approved by OB/GYN doctors, offering the ultimate vaginal care for your intimate area. Kushae provides chemical-free feminine products that can help to reduce the overall hazardous impact on women’s life, as well as the current surge in gynecologic and breast cancers worldwide.



5: NewLife Naturals Daily Feminine Wash for pH Balance and Odor Control for Feminine Hygiene Intimate Wash for Women – With Prebiotics and Tea Tree Oil Sulfate and Paraben Free – USA 8oz


This product is created to give women the power to take control of their feminine bodies by providing a refreshed and confident PH Balance sensation every day. It is cruelty-free and free from artificial dyes, colors, or animal by-products. To clean and soothe intimate areas, it contains a mild blend of tea tree oil, prebiotics, lactic acid, lavender seed oil, and chamomile flower extract.


Founder: Dr. Tan


NewLife Naturals exclusively offers pure, natural goodness. The brand is dedicated to delivering excellence, catering to the specific needs of women, and giving an amazing clean-label experience.



6: Summer’s Eve Blissful Escape Daily Refreshing All Over Feminine Body Wash, Removes Odor, pH balanced, 15 fl oz, 3 Pack


Summer’s Eve Blissful Escape Daily Refreshing Feminine Wash eliminates odor-causing microorganisms to leave you feeling fresh all day. It provides a refreshing, purifying feeling for your underarms, breasts, and even your intimate area. It is inspired by fruit, flowers, and colorful berries, and it is soft enough for even the most sensitive skin. It is gynecologist tested and is color and paraben free. It is specially made and pH calibrated to match the natural chemistry of the intimate area.


Founder: Charles Browne Fleet

Brand: Summer’s Eve

The Summer’s Eve brand was introduced in 1972 by C.B. Fleet Company Inc. Summer’s Eve established the feminine care industry by placing a focus on women, catering to their needs, and dedicating itself to completely understanding how women take care of their bodies.



7: Always Cleanse Feminine Intimate Wash For Women, Ph Balanced For Skin, Lightly Scented, Gynecologist Tested, 8.4 Fl Oz X 2 Bottles (16.8 Fl Oz Total)


Always Refreshing Wash is formulated with Vitamin E and Amino Acids and is free of parabens, dyes, silicones, and glycerin. Gynecologists and dermatologists have evaluated this pH-balanced intimate cleanser. This product was created specifically with intimate skin in mind and has a faint fragrance. It is made to gently cleanse intimate skin and remove bacteria and residues that cause odors, leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh.


Founder: Williams Procter and James Gamble

Brand: Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble offers products that improve everyday life. The company makes a big effort to support these young individuals. When a young person is going through puberty, a combination of worries about their changing bodies, getting their first period, and cultural expectations can all contribute to a decline in self-confidence.



8: Summer’s Eve Refresher Mist, Feminine Spray Reduces Odor, Blissful Escape, Body Spray for Women, 1.89 Oz Bottle


Whenever you’re out and about, feel fresh with Summer’s Eve Refresher Mist Blissful Escape, a feminine spray that eliminates odor.  It is safe to use every day, all over, under your arms, on your breasts, and even in private areas. Its fresh, sweet smell is influenced by fruit, florals, and vibrant berries. It has been gynecologist tested and pH-balanced to match the body’s natural pH range.


Founder: Charles Browne Fleet

Brand: Summer’s Eve

1972 saw the launch of the Summer’s Eve brand by C.B. Fleet Company Inc.  The brand focuses on women, catering to their needs, and dedicating itself to completely understanding how women take care of their bodies.



9: Vagisil Odor Block Daily Freshening Wipes for Feminine Hygiene in Resealable Pouch, Gynecologist Tested & Hypoallergenic, 20 Wipes (Pack of 1)


This Vagisil feminine wipe is soft, disposable, and deodorizing for all-day freshness. It offers resealable packaging that is practical for on-the-go use and will help you stay confident and fresh throughout the day. It is gynecologist-tested and has a fresh, mild smell. It’s exclusive Odor Block Technology aids in preventing odor before it ever arises. It is pH-balanced, non-irritating, hypoallergenic, and offers odor prevention for up to 24 hours.


Founder: Ivan and Mary Elizabeth

Brand: Vagisil

The Vagisil intimate wash line is made specifically for the labia and doesn’t have any additives that would interfere with the vagina’s normal pH balance. The brand continually develops new treatments and personal care products to fulfill the intimate personal care requirements of women.



10: Love Wellness Feminine Wash for Women, pH Balancing Cleanser – Fragrance-Free Vaginal Wash for Sensitive Skin – Womens Vaginal Health Cleanser for Balanced pH – Non-Irritating for Itchy & Dry Skin


Without harming your natural flora or pH levels, this Love Wellness wash aids in gently cleaning the vulva.  It is formulated with aloe and calendula and matches acidic pH levels, making it an excellent option for even the most sensitive skin. It is also vegan and cruelty-free and contains no parabens, sulfates, or perfumes.


Founder: Lo Bosworth

Brand: Love Wellness

Love Wellness offers women’s wellness solutions that are safer and more effective for the gut, brain, and vagina. They provide products free of microbiota and endocrine disruptors, as well as harmful skin irritants such as parabens, phthalates, and perfumes.





Your whole well-being depends on you keeping up with your personal health.  Don’t think that talking about intimate matters is off limits, and if necessary, ask for assistance from the right person.

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