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Black Girl Magic Day 2023: What It Is and How to Celebrate

The 2023 National Black Girl Magic Day will be celebrated February 15th.


While Black women should be celebrated every day, setting aside a particular day to honor them serves as a reminder of their incredible achievements and all-around amazingness. 


This day honors the grace, strength, and tenacity of Black women. It serves as a means of empowering and expressing positivism.


What is Black Girl Magic?


Black Girl Magic is a modern-day social movement in which thoughts and ideas shared through a hashtag serve as a mechanism for community creation. It forms a group for Black women and girls to come together and celebrate who they are.


Who Created Black Girl Magic Day?


The image of Richardson pushing away a bayonet during a rally in Maryland publicized her unwavering devotion to fighting for civil rights. 


CaShawn was inspired by this image to launch her women-led revolution, which resulted in the #BlackGirlMagic movement. She mostly used internet activism to highlight Black women and their history in a unique way.


CaShawn Thompson founded Black Girl Magic in 2013 when she launched the #BlackGirlsAreMagic movement. Since then, the campaign’s name has been abbreviated and popularized as #BlackGirlMagic and both men and women have expressed interest in it. CaShawn cited Gloria Richardson, a civil rights activist, and warrior, as one of the inspirations behind it. 


Why National Black Girl Magic Day is Important 


  • It Celebrates Black Women Excellence: National Black Girl Magic Day honors Black women throughout history. It recognizes Black women’s achievements, and how Black women create space for themselves and interact with one another. 


  • It Helps to Build Communities: National Black Girl Magic Day helps to develop communities by bringing together Black women who share similar challenges, and interests. The hashtags used in the digital movement such as #blackgirlmagic, #beingablackgirlislit, and #melaninpopping aid in the connection of these communities and ways Black women could support one another in real life.


  • It’s Progress for Equality: National Black Girl Magic Day serves as a reminder of the struggle and achievements s made toward equality as well as the progress that is still needed.


How to Celebrate National Black Girl Magic Day


Connecting, exchanging greetings and gifts, and fostering peace, understanding, and unity are all appropriate ways to observe this day. Learning about the history of Black women and their contributions to the struggle for justice and equality is another wonderful way to mark National Black Girl Magic Day.


It is also important to convert your words into actions by supporting businesses led by Black women. Giving shout-outs to brands by Black women that you love. Sending a Happy National Black Girl Magic Day message, and celebrating with a party or a casual day off are all beautiful ways to celebrate the day.


Top 5 Gifts to Celebrate Black Girl Magic Day 2023


  • Black Girl Magic Subscription Box:


Black women are celebrated, elevated, and given more power through the Oyo Market Black Girl Subscription Box, which is a carefully chosen collection of premium goodies. 


  • Black Girl Magic Gift Box:

Discover a treasure trove of treats from our network of black-owned businesses when you open your Black Girl Magic box package. The best way to celebrate all the incredible aspects that make you a Black woman, whether you’re buying it for a loved one or yourself, is with this gift box.


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  • Mented Cosmetics Semi-Matte Lipstick – 0.13oz:

For women of all skin tones, Nude La La’s brown-and-pink combination offers a full-coverage nude. A deeply moisturizing nude lip color that enhances your lips’ variety of colors with the ideal ratio of pinks and browns. 


  • Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Repairing Cocoon Hydrating Mask for Curly Hair – 12 fl oz:

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Top 5 Women Worth Remembering on Black Girl Magic Day

There are tons of important people who have shaped the history of Black History. You can see a complete list of Black Women and Men but below are top 5 Black Women to remember on Black Girl Magic Day


1: Rebecca Lee Crumpler 

She was the first Black woman to become a doctor in the U.S. She moved to Richmond, Virginia in 1865 after the Civil War where she provided free medical care to freed slaves and poor people. 


2: Harriet Tubman 

She was the first woman to lead a military operation in the U.S. She led a military regiment in the raid on Combahee Ferry, freeing around 750 slaves in the year 1863.


3: Phillis Wheatley 

At age 8, Phillis was sold to the Wheatley family. With the assistance and support of her master, she published her first poem when she was just 12 years old, in 1773. She became famous and gained recognition from George Washington.


4: Josephine Baker 

Shirley Chisholm was the first Black woman to be elected to Congress in 1968; she served as a French spy during World War II.


5: Anne Lowe 

She was the first African American to become a noted fashion designer. She designed the silk ivory dress Jacqueline Kennedy, the wife of President John F. Kennedy wore on her wedding day.



There you go. An indepth look at Black Girl Magic Day. What it is, why and how to celebrate. Have a wonderful Black Girl Magic Day

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